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    The terms of use explained here comprise a legal and enforceable contract between Privilege Professional Support Technical Services and You. The "terms" state important requirements related to Your use of Privilege Professional Support , You selected or initiated via the Privilege Professional Support website. It's in Your best interest to read these terms carefully before You decide to opt for our Services, because they apply to the service plans we offer to You. We advise here that You should click on the "I Accept" or "Agree" button only if You are completely satisfied with our stated terms. If You do not agree with the terms of use laid underneath, it will be difficult for Privilege Professional Support to provide Services to You. In this case, You can click "Cancel" or a similar button, or indicate refusal through other means, and not use the Services. However, You can only receive our Services if You subscribe to any of the plans Privilege Professional Support offers. The plans Privilege Professional Support offers are for a particular period only. The company doesn't warrant REFUND of fees, if at all You fail to use the Services on offer during the subscription period. For further details please read our Refund Policy here:


  • Here we define certain "terms" we use, to facilitate clear understanding about our Services:
  • "Content"
  • Software, materials, Services, and other related information.
  • "You" or "you"
  • You simply means You, our customer. It encompasses any individual or a company You are acting on behalf of. ​
  • " Privilege Professional Support "
  • All references to Privilege Professional Support refer to Privilege Professional Support Services.
  • "Privilege Professional Support Certified Technicians"
  • All technicians and specialists Privilege Professional Support employs and certifies to perform the Services for You under this agreement.
  • "Subscription Based Plans" and "Plans"
  • Refer to the plans on offer from Privilege Professional Support including incident-based and quarterly plans.

  • Services

  • All phone and web-based computer maintenance Services that Privilege Professional Support offers through the medium of the Privilege Professional Support web site and delivers via its technicians, including computer optimization and cleanup are hereby referred to as Services.
  • The scope of Services can change without notice. Privilege Professional Support also reserves the right to discontinue the Services without notice.
  • The Services include both subscription-based as well as incidence-based Services.
  • "Subscription-based Services"
  • All tenure-based Services Privilege Professional Support offers three-months service. They are also referred to as Subscription Services.
    Non-tenured "single incident Services" Privilege Professional Support offers. The sole objective of such Services is to fix a specific technical problem You face.


    Online content of any type made available to download from the Privilege Professional Support website. Such content includes web casts, white papers, press releases, datasheets, FAQs, product information, quick reference guides, or other works of any kinds. However, a material doesn't include the design or layout of the Privilege Professional Support site. The materials available for download from the Privilege Professional Support web site as well as the site are proprietary and copyrighted works of Privilege Professional Support.


    Software is a computer program of any kind delivered via download, CD/DVD or other media, or through other delivery method, such as client and/or network security software. The software include the ones developed, marketed, and distributed by Privilege Professional Support or any third-party software. They are protected under copyright, trade secret, unfair competition, and other laws. Their usage is governed by respective agreements such as a license agreement or user agreement that accompanies or is included in the software, ordering documents, exhibits and other applicable License terms. A software is also referred to as the "support software tool" in the terms and conditions laid here



    The Services Privilege Professional Support provides are as per the prescribed terms and conditions. Privilege Professional Support provides technical support Services over phone, through a live chat session on Your computer, or by gaining remote access to Your PC. To avail our Services, You need to call us on our toll-free number and explain the problem(s) You are facing with Your PC, to any of the Privilege Professional Support Certified Technicians on-board. Our technician will then, upon Your permission, take remote access of Your PC, diagnose it, and explain the exact cause of the problem to You. He may also suggest plans on offer by Privilege Professional Support that You can opt for. However You need to make requisite payment beforehand to get Your PC fixed. In case You don't opt for any of the plans on offer, the technician will not be able to rectify the problem(s). In an effort to continually enhance the usability and performance of its products and Services, Privilege Professional Support reserves the right to modify the Services on offer.

    Remote Access

    To deliver the Services, a Privilege Professional Support Certified Technician must access Your computer remotely. A high-speed Internet connection is recommended to ensure smooth and hassle-free delivery of Services and it's Your responsibility to make it available to our technician. You also need to assist the technician in whichever means possible while he diagnoses and repairs Your computer. And if You fail to cooperate with our technician, it can consider be considered as breach of agreement. You are also required to let our technician decide on the procedures to follow while he accesses Your computer remotely.

    Support Software Tool

    During a remote session, a technician may:

  • Ask and assist You to download and install the support software.
  • Assist You to use the remote assist tool and facilitate remote access.
  • Utilize certain third-party software, which will be removed upon completion of our Services.

  • The support software or any other third-party software under discussion (also referred to as remote assist tool or support software tool) is the property of Privilege Professional Support or the respective third-party software provider. By agreeing to these terms and conditions, You allow our technician to install and utilize whatever support software tool deemed necessary to diagnose and repair Your PC.

    Our Services include

    The Services Privilege Professional Support provides through its technicians include—(i) PC optimization; (ii) Diagnosis and removal of online threats; (iii) installation and updates of operating system, antivirus and other software applications and utilities; (iv) resolution of software, network, and connected peripheral or device-related issues. In addition to the above mentioned Services, our technicians may also recommend certain software and Services for general upkeep of Your PC. In spite of what initial diagnosis may convey, certain personal computers may not be able to receive the Services.

    Commercially reasonable effort

    Privilege Professional Support trains and certifies its technicians to put in commercially reasonable effort while they diagnose and fix the problems with Your PC. If, due to any reason whatsoever, a technician is unable to resolve the issue, You will NOT be liable for charges of any kind to Privilege Professional Support . If while diagnosis, our technicians determine that the issue is beyond our support boundaries (out-of-scope issues), they may use commercially reasonable efforts to refer to the appropriate alternate destination, yet they will not facilitate access for You.

    Availability of Services

    Sometimes, due to system maintenance or upgrade, the Services Privilege Professional Support has on offer may not be available in Your time zone or geographical location.

    Termination of Services

    Privilege Professional Support reserves the right to terminate the Services with proper intimation to You if the company determines that the subscription service You've availed is being used by any other person other than You, or on any other system other than the one registered with us. In such a scenario Privilege Professional Support will refund a portion of fees You prepaid while You first availed our Services for the days left until its renewal, on pro-data basis. However the refund is further subject to additional requirements, restrictions, and limitations of the subscription plan You've availed. For more information please refer to our Refund Policy.
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