• Implementing a solar PV solution for any commercial application - whether it be an office building, factory, ware house or a car park, Neenjas Technologies Solar has designed several applications.
  • These can be customized as required or new solutions configured based on your unique needs. Roof top or ground mounted, fixed or tracker based solutions are available to meet any requirements.
  • The solutions range 1KW to 100 KW and will take complete advantage of all the local and central government incentives.


  • As energy prices continue to rise, there has been no better time to reduce your electricity bills while doing your share to reduce greenhouse gases and pollution.
  • Generate your own free solar electricity with Neenjas Technologies Solar innovative residential solar energy solutions and reduce or even eliminate your monthly electric bills.
  • Various incentives offered by central, state and local Governments translate to low installation cost for you - the homeowner, thereby making your solar energy system cost effective.
  • With an industry leading 25-year warranty for solar panels, our smart residential energy systems will not only give you decades of free energy and peace of mind but may also contribute to the appreciation of your home value.




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