KES Payroll Solutions for Large and Mid-size Businesses

Large organizations are mostly facing HRM related issues – largely around economic pressure, compliance changes and sometimes de-centralized HR systems and lack or absence of good practices.

Considering the above as challenges in growth for Large sized businesses, KES Online worked extensively on solutions for the following:

  • Workforce Management Solutions – This includes streamlining HR processes, centralizing payroll processes and managing people.
  • Eliminating non-productive administrative practices and integrating Attendance and Leave Management System.
  • Managing HR & Labor Compliances.

KES Online offers the following for Large Businesses:

  • Payroll Services.
  • Attendance and Leave Management System.
  • Retrial Benefit Schemes & Consultancy.
  • HR & Labor Compliances.

The On Cloud Solutions include products for Payroll Reports on Cloud, Time and Attendance and Leave Management Systems

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