Indians Getting 5 Shades Fairer In Just 4 Weeks: You Will Not Believe Their Transformations!

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“I am in a field job that requires me to stay outdoors in the sun, facing all the dust and pollution from the environment, all day long. A sunscreen does help somewhat but my skin was getting dull much faster than expected. I had no choice but to look out for help.”Kritika Pandey

Kritika has always been blessed with good skin that did not bother much in terms of acne, even during her teenage years. However, staying under the sun for prolonged number of hours was taking a toll on the glow and complexion of her skin. She was in need of a definite help in form of a wholesome product that beautifies her skin again.


"I tried everything from face packs to scrubs to multiple skin treatments at parlour but nothing that claimed to give me a fairer looking complexion really seemed to help.” Chandni Batra


After all methods that she tried did not provide satisfactory results. She tried Novawhite Fairness Cream. Thanks to the lovely skin potion, she now has a much clearer and blemish free complexion.

"I first tried Novawhite Fairness Cream after I read a lots of positive reviews about it from girls who had actually tried on this product. The user reviews pushed me to give the product a shot and I am in no way disappointed for trying Novawhite Fairness Cream, it is a fairness treatment packaged in a single bottle." Says Kritika

She also has a word of advice to share with other young girls and boys who want to look fairer, have a wholesome diet, wear a good sunscreen and cover your face and all the exposed parts of your skin when you are under the sun. To help your skin decrease the melanin and pigmentation, you have your best friend, that is, Novawhite Fairness Cream which has potent, quality ingredients with no artificial fillers. No artificial fillers mean lesser allergic reactions and no clogging of pores.

A number of youngsters, both boys and girls, have admitted that they got a complexion that looks much brighter and fairer within two weeks of using the wonderful, Novawhite Fairness Cream Novawhite has Glutathione as its master ingredient which helps to reduce pigmentation, loss of lustre and also boosts the regenerative mechanisms of your skin to stop the signs of ageing from appearing untimely.

For getting a fairer looking complexion, youngsters often resort to harsh measures such as micro-dermabrasion, bleaches, chemical peels etc which not only make use of harsh chemicals but also cause a lot of discomfort. Why go for such expensive and extensive treatments when you can get good results by just including a skincare product like, Novawhite Fairness Cream in your beauty regimen.

According to skincare experts, your skin releases a lot of free radicals while carrying out its routine metabolic reactions. These free radicals are responsible for loss of radiance and elasticity of your skin. Novawhite Fairness Cream has Ascorbic acid, which is a very potent antioxidant which combats all the ill-effects produced by the free radicals on the skin. It also contains collagen peptides, which act like fillers of your skin and prevent your skin from sagging and early appearance of fine lines around eyes and mouth area. Novawhite Fairness Cream also contains pro-vitamin complex that helps in brightening of your complexion in a natural and safe way.

Novawhite has been making waves amongst its users for a long time now. The Glutathione present in Novawhite Fairness Cream Cream helps to control melanin synthesis from your skin. Melanin is the chief reason that leads to darkness and dullness of your complexion. Lesser melanin means, a fairer looking you!!

Vitamin C present in Novawhite Fairness Cream , promotes the formation of type 4 Collagen in your skin which gives you a wrinkle- free and plump skin texture. Niacin, present in the pro vitamin complex help to impart your skin a natural glow and brightness. Collagen peptides and the Siberian ginseng extracts are capable of bringing about micro lifting of skin.

Our team launched the product in markets and online after investigating the product thoroughly. Many beauty bloggers volunteered to use the product, few of the first ones were Bhawna and Pearl.

Pearl has a combination skin type that often tends to get oily. After using Novawhite she claims, that her complexion looks brighter due to the matte texture of the product which controls the greasiness on her face for many number of hours. Also, she said, using the product on her face, each night, regularly for around 20 days has visibly lightened her tan lines and she is receiving a lot of compliments for her glowing face these days!!


Pearl writes for many beauty blogs and has never been impressed by fairness products since most of them are loaded with harmful chemicals and even bleaching agents. On the other hand, Novawhite Fairness Cream is free from any such substance and contains ingredients that are skin-friendly. Glutathione positively affects your skin in more than one ways, - Scavenges ROS in epidermal cells that occurs following exposure to the UV rays of the sun and thus, helps in preventing ROS induced melanogenesis.

Pearl and Bhawna – Pearl and Bhawna are not the only two success stories that we have got to share. We did sent the samples of Novawhite to try to many of our team members, as well and here is what they had to say, in brief..

Bhawna, says, "Markets these days are flooded with so many products that claim t give you a fairer looking complexion but most of them are either loaded with bleaching agents or just leave an artificial whitish cast on your skin. Novawhite glutathione fairness cream, is different, it leaves no artificial cast on my skin and its potent ingredients actually work. There are no peroxides or parabens, in its composition and that is the best part about it."

Bhawna continues to say that she recommends Novawhite Fairness Cream for all the right reasons. It is a holistic skin treatment and not just a fairness cream. It significant increases the moisture content in your skin making it look dewy and feel soft.

One of the major reasons, I was drawn towards trying Novawhite Fairness Cream is because of its impressive ingredient list. Being a beauty blogger, I am quite knowledgeable about the effects of various ingredients on the skin and their mechanism of action. The ingredients mentioned on the packaging speak for themselves. It has a very mild fragrance; too that means no use of irritating stimulants in the products. I have an acne-prone skin and since the product does not contain any filler particles, as per the claims, the molecular size tends to be much smaller. Therefore, the product absorbs into skin without the particles, physically clogging your facial pores and leading to complications such as: whiteheads, Blackheads and Pimples. Also, any product that has no filler particles is able to penetrate until the deeper layers of your skin leading to better and quicker results.

I have already started feeling the change after continuously using the product for 1.5 months. I am sure, after continuous usage, I will get what I am aiming at, and that is a fairer, blemish-free complexion.

Novawhite Fairness Cream, is one product that delivers what it claims to and makes no false and tall promises. The functionality is very much science-based and now, we can say, evidence based after having the positive feedback from any of the women who have actually been using this product for months. When you try out a product for the very first time, you have your own doubts, however, we got no complaints from the users about the product causing any discomfort to them at all and in fact, all of them were full of laurels of praise for Novawhite Fairness Cream.

I wasn't keeping much hopes from the product as already have laid my hands on many expensive products from the most premium brands in skincare, but honestly, the matte finish the product settles with made me fall in love with it from the first day onwards and acted as a motivation for continuous usage. Anything that sets in a matte finish, takes care of the oiliness on my skin and less oil means lesser acne. I used it twice a day, after cleansing and toning. There is no need of an additional moisturising lotion with this product. It works very well as a makeup base too as it brightens up your face, instantly.

At the end of week two, I suddenly notice that the dry patches that occur on my skin which occur due excessive use of face wipes for wiping off my face again and again have started reducing. So, this product in spite of being a matte finish one is actually infusing oodles of moisture i my skin.

It's week 3, and I am getting loyal to Novawhite Fairness Cream, even more!! My skin texture looks much plump and healthy and the tanning is slowly going away. Slowly, but steadily!

In week four, my tanning has reduced considerably and there is no fresh tan that has occurred, my dark circles look much better!! Wao!! it is really working!!

" I am super satisfied with the results I am getting and it is not an eyewash since, I am actually getting praises for my better looking skin as well as complexion!!. The best part is, I did not have to do anything extreme to get these results!"

In conclusion, I say, I am super satisfied with the results I am getting and it is not an eyewash since, I am actually getting praises for my better looking skin as well as complexion!!. The best part is, I did not have to do anything extreme to get these results!" Just incorporating Novawhite Fairness Cream in my beauty regimen has helped me so much. The product says that you will be able to notice full-fledged results after nearly 4 months of regular usage and I am game for it!!
This is a great product, as, it not only helps you get a fairer and brighter looking complexion, it also reduces the blemishes and pigmentation over your face. It boosts your confidence by combatting the signs of premature ageing.

People for all over the Indian blogging world, who have incorporated Novawhite fairness cream in their beauty regimen have been able to notice full-fledged results after 3 to 4 months of regular!!

What it does?
Novawhite Fairness Cream slowly down the process of melanogenesis and actually decreases the quantity of melanin that is produced. It's inbuilt vitamins boost the repair and regeneration of your skin and the collagen peptides give your skin better elasticity. The antioxidants in form of vitamin C help improve the quality of your skin, overall.

Novawhite Fairness Cream is clinically proven to:

• Boost collagen production due to presence of vitamin C
• Collagen peptides improve skin texture
• Vitamin C combats the effects of UV rays to slow down the process of aging
• Novawhite Fairness Cream Improves skin tone by many shades
• Gives a healthy glow to your skin


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Note: Bhawna use Novawhite Fairness Cream to get fairer looking complexion,we suggest to use this product twice a day for four months to get the best results possible..

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  • Prerna
    Me and my sister, both of us have been waiting all along for a phenomenal product like Novawhite fairness cream that does not harm the skin and is able to give us a fairer complexion. Within 2 months of usage, the results are very commendable.
  • Jagriti
    I read about this product on a makeup blog and for the first time, I came across something that the user actually thought is actually working. I ordered this product and have been using it for a week now!! My tanning has stopped completely.
  • Nitika
    A friend of mine used this and recommended it to. She has been using Novawhite for three months and the change in her complexion and texture of skin is pretty visible. After a lot of persuasion, she told me her secret.
    • Aakriti Khanna
      I wish I knew something like this actually existed.. I really would not have wasted such a lot of money experimenting with chemical-laden products that do nothing but harm your skin.
  • Shruti
    Since the time, I have started using Novawhite, I have ditched my night cream totally. It feels like the only skincare product I would ever need apart from cleansers, of course.
  • Preetika
    I read about the user reviews online. At first, I was doubtful but thankfully, I ordered Novawhite Glutathione. The formula is very effective and it works great as a makeup base, too.
  • Shipra
    Had I known about Novawhite earlier, I would have never had to face the embarrassment of being rejected by so many matrimonial alliances. I have been using it for 3 months and my skin looks so even!! All the patches of discolouration have disappeared.
  • Poornima
    My sister-in-law has tried this product and says, it is far more effective than even high end brands who just make tall claims. I did my research and got to know that Glutathione can actually slow down the process of melanogenesis.No melanin, obviously means a fairer complexion!
  • Binita
    I ordered this product not to get fair but to just take care of my matured skin. I have only been using it for two weeks and there is no trace of dryness on my skin.I guess, it is oozing moisture in my skin that was moisture depived.My skin looks quite healthy,now.
  • Varnika
    It actually worked for me! Though, to be very honest after having tried out so many fairness creams, I actually had no hope! I am going to recommend it to everyone who wants a better looking complexion.
  • Riya
    I have just ordered my own pack of Novawhite Fairness cream. After reading, so many positive reviews, I am so very excited to try it.
  • Kavita
    Okay, seems like finally that does what it claims to do is finally here. Shall order mine ASAP.
  • Sunil
    I am going to order this for my wife. Of late, she has been very worried about the fine creases that have started appearing around the eyes. I hope, the collagen peptides in this product would plump them up and make my wife happier!
  • Gitanjali
    I am very impressed by the way this product protects and illuminates my skin. I can actually , feel the change happening
  • Sanya
    Late night shifts are taking a toll on my skin. I have ordered this in a hope that it will help me with my dark circles.
  • Manju
    I am 40 year old and naturally, the skin did not feel the same as it did in my twenties. Novawhite fairness cream did not only clear out the blemishes but also, helped cope up with the sagging skin. Skin looks so firm ,now.I am definitely,telling all my female friends about this.
  • Niharika
    Novawhite Fairness cream is a holistic skin treatment indeed. My acne, dullness, tanning,... everything has vanished within 4 months of continuous usage. I am not ever going to replace it.
  • Prathna
    I've gone ahead and placed an order. I can't wait to get my package.
  • Ridhima
    The fact that this product is meant for unisex usage inspired me to buy it. It does not smell or look too girly so, I do not feel shy while using it. Due to staying outdoors, my complexion has become quite dark. I am going to use this regularly now after reading so many success stories.
  • Geetika
    The ingredient list makes a lot of sense. I have tried a lot of stuff with Licorice..never worked. This on I have my eyes on.
  • Astha
    I tried this product for a month but sadly, could not re-order. I will order it again and use it regularly this time.
  • Ankita Sharma
    I was bothered about the cost initially, but it is working. Cost does not matter anymore as I do not need fairness creams, bleaches, serums and all that stuff anymore. It is like one product that does it all!!Pocket sized powerhouse.
  • Devika
    I have used products with pro-vitamin complex earlier, they really help clear out your skin. This one seems like a good bet.